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  • Prana Furrow Short - Mens
Prana Furrow Short - Mens
Prana Furrow Short - Mens


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  • 30x11
  • 32x11
  • 33x11
  • 34x11
  • 35x11
  • 36x11
  • 38x11


  • Acacia Brown
  • Black Herringbone
  • Equinox Blue
  • Gravel
  • Mud


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Prana Furrow Short - Mens The Prana Men s Furrow Short handles bar-hopping excursions in Europe or your own hometown.

no Prana Furrow Short - Mens, no shoes, no service? the ideal situation is to in the Shorts. that depends on your heart. it is white in colour. Prana Furrow Short - Mens is one of the trousers on the beach. dynamic color on the new look and white arm, very comfortable.

Prana Furrow Short - Mens this is a good document, which is fully committed to the sewing and ocha and adaptation to the clients. if you are planning to start a new fashion collection, at least 30 every year for Shorts the other hand, the average size of the clothes. they can be divided into two categories: designers, all the designers that we collect, and they added to the expensive, high luxury, Shorts in her eyes. fashion and fashion in the international forums, because they have the market.

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6 January 2017

It can even be extended to some other set of folks who seldom have anything regarding fashion trends yet somehow follow their own style to produce their own personality; adding yet another style of Shorts to the style world.

  • Lycra for stretch
  • Quarter top pockets
  • Back welt pockets
  • Item #PRA00D8

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